Find answers to questions asked.

How to order ?

To order, you must contact us by email or phone. A technical advisor will contact you to discuss your request.

We have no stocked umbrellas, each  is made to order.

Depending on your location, we can make changes through our research department.


  • Lengthen or shorten the poles
  • Working on blueprint
  • Create a custom umbrella outside our predefined coast
  • Explore various fastening systems due to technical constraints

Do not hesitate to contact us with your wildest dreams !

What are the time of manufacture ?

  • 20 to 30 days in low season (September to February)
  • 30 to 40 days in high season (March to July)

    These times may vary depending on the number of umbrellas requested.

    WARNING : We take last orders for the last week of June for the umbrellas which are  delivered for the summer. All orders placed in July orders will not be delivered until September except in exceptional cases depending on model and our production capacity (contact us).

Do you have other colors of canvas?

For TEMPOTEST® paintings by PARA, we pre-select the most ordered and popular colors. However, it is possible to have other colors on special request requiring a supplement, please contact us.

How do i clean my umbrella?

You can find information on our page Maintenance umbrellas

Broken rib, how to replace?

If you break the tip of a rib when installing your umbrella, “do not panic”, it is easily replaceable. All fastenings are apparent. We can send your broken rib quickly by mail room.

Concrete base 352lbs , 573lbs ... It’s very heavy, how to move?

Concrete bases are divided into 4 blocks for easy movement.

The blocks are then sandwiched with a plate with screws (below) and the foot of the umbrella (above).

What is the wind resistance of your umbrellas ?

Due to the high quality of the materials that make up our umbrellas, the wind resistance is exceptional, especially with Multivalvola ® system invented in 2000 for our nautical range.

Today, the Multivalvola ® system is available for all high-end umbrellas.

In high winds, it is important to close the umbrella and in case of storms, we recommend you remove the hood.